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Wholesale Weekender Bags In USA:
If you are looking for a perfect bag to buy for your weekend trip, then you are at the right place. Bhrayna Bags offer a wide range of weekender bags that are perfect for your holiday.

Make our statement weekend bag you partner in the vacation. They are spacious enough to organize your travel essentials in one place. This smart accessory needs a special place in your weekend holiday. 
What Is A Weekender Bag?
As the name of the bag itself tell you for what they are designed. The weekender bag is designed to be your travel partner. They are large enough to hold your clothes, toiletries, and things essentials for travelling. So don’t think much and add a touch of elegance to your outfit with our weekend bag.

Our weekender bag will motivate you to make weekend gateways. You will feel gorgeous using them. They are perfect for everything: a family trip, a holiday with your close friends, or a sudden trip to the beach. They are the right size for any holiday gateway and, you don’t have to think much about bags when you have our weekender bag in your closet. They are eye-catchers wherever you go and above that are functional too.
Features Of Bhrayna Bags- Weekender Bag: 
Our weekender bag has different prints, colors, and sizes. They all are different from each other and, all the bags have uniqueness. Bhrayna Bags make sure that the in-house craftsman uses only the best quality materials to manufacture each bag.

All the weekender bags are made using eco-friendly and recycled material, which improves the functionality and quality of the products. The main feature of our weekender bag is that they all are made with natural cowhide/up-cycled canvas material, which results in beautiful style and is versatile yet durable.
Why Buy Weekender Bags From Bhrayna Bags?
Bhrayna Bags do not compromise in style. They make all bags according to the customers’ tastes and ongoing trends. All the bags are made from natural leather that gives them a unique and stylish look. Weekender bags are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns and give the customer to choose from a wide range of products. All the designs are stylish and attractive.
Wide Range Of Bags At Bhrayna Bags:
Bhrayna Bags offer a variety of bags and, all the bags are made with natural cowhide/up-cycled canvas material. They are eco-friendly and recycled materials that will make you unique and different. Bhrayna Bags deal with Upcycled Canvas Bags, Traditional Bags in USAUpcycled Backpacks in USAHairon Leather Bags in USASmall and Cross Body Bags in USA, and many other accessories.