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Return Policy

For The Wholesale Customers

We do not offer any goods return or exchange for the same. If you receive damaged or defective piece. In such cases click the picture of the bag and mail it to us. If there is any human error and manufacturing defect found then in this you can apply for the claim appropriate action will be taken as per the customized agreement between Bhrayna bags and the party in context.

Bhrayna’s does not accepting any claims under this situations : failures of third party systems or networks, acts of god, fire, earthquake, storm, flood or other natural disaster, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, deliberate sabotage of or malicious damage,natural wear and tear or damage not related to manufacturing or quality.

Bhrayna’s reserves the right to accept or reject requests for claims for any reason of claims. Bhrayna’s the full right to decide the claim amount. The customer agrees not to dispute the decision made by the Bhrayna’s and accept Bhrayna’s decision regarding the claims. If your request for claim is accepted after your account has been charged, amount charged to you shall be refunded to the same payment source used by you to make the payment while ordering after paying off in case or to the extent of any charges , within 15 to 20 working days.

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